I started this blog wanting to talk about everything comics, from the marketing gimmicks to the magic of panel layouts.  The world of comics is so vast and diverse.  I wanted to explore everything.

After completing my first post, I took a step back from the keyboard and looked around my room.

My main monitor showed me my comics blog and several comic book-related tabs in the background.
On my second monitor, my to-read list of 50+ graphic novels/series’, and a tight schedule in which to read them all.
To the left, a shelf stood a quarter full of comic books.
On the desk to my right, two trades and four singles waited to be read.
A shortbox three quarters full sat open under the desk, half of them I found interesting.
I had a full-day trip planned to hit the local library, the downtown Toronto library and the comic book store to pick up some more comics.
Comic ads were littered around my desk acting as coasters.

Now, I know this isn’t actually a lot.  My bookshelf is pretty small.  My shortbox is nothing compared to the piles of longboxes other collectors have.  But, this just isn’t for me.  I got lost in all the books and forgot about my other hobbies and interests.  I used to listen to music, go biking, and tweak my computer to oblivion and back.

So, I decided I didn’t want to see everything.  Not all comics are good anyway.  I want to get the most out of my experience without losing time for other fun stuff.

And that’s what this blog is about.  I write about comics for the middle ground; for collectors coming to terms with their budgets, new readers looking for recommendations, and the average Joes/Janes wanting to see what the all fuss is about.


The only shortbox I’ll ever need.



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