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My Top 3 Recommended Comic Book Writers

Why do writers matter?  As long as the book stars Batman, it’s good right? Wrong!  (I wouldn’t write this article otherwise.) Advertisements

How I Started Reading Comics and 4 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Follow

Before I cracked open my first graphic novel, I had this notion that comics was something you “get into”.  I thought comics were these superhero-y magazines only “geeks” can understand. Mistake #1:  “Getting into” comics. This is a terrible assumption to begin with.  Comics is just a medium, like TV, books and theatre.  You don’t “get into” … Continue reading

Why Grant Morrison is perfect to write The Flash

So yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported that multiple award-winning writer Grant Morrison wants to have a run on The Flash. Okay, okay, it’s far from being an actual confirmation.  I’m just excited that one of my favourite writers might write for one of my favourite superheroes. But hey, Grant thinks he will.

Race “Changes” in Comics, So What?

Spoiler warning:  If don’t want to know what will happen in Earth 2 #22, New 52’s The Flash Annual #3 or The Flash: Futures End #1, do not read any further!